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Join us in welcoming our newest skin tone to the Safe Sleep Simulation family!

We're Taking Our Babies to these Upcoming Shows:
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Safe Sleep Simulation Kit

It is our hope that by utilizing visual and auditory cues in addition to experiential learning, caregivers will be more adherent to safe sleep practices. The 3D infant model allows educators to address the common misconception surrounding infant choking on vomit or spit up in the back to sleep position.


"After seeing the baby demo this morning for the safe sleep program, I cannot wait for Dyer FD and PD to add this to our Community Risk Reduction program.” “It will be a great benefit for our community and save the babies. It will be an amazing visual aide to push to point of back sleeping (ABC’s of safe sleep). A point that has historically only been taught using a small picture!"

 LT. Michael Sharp, St. John Fire Dept

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Training at Your Fingertips

Leverage highly realistic technology and hands-on training to maximize the impact of safe sleep education. With our program, participants not only receive the safe sleep information, but they interact hands-on with the demonstration to help understand the changes that can occur in their baby’s airway in different sleep positions.  

Mother with her Baby

"Clients stated that they can virtually see how the organ inside the baby's body works, and it makes more sense for clients to see how dangerous it was to place the baby in a position other than on the back. Client stated that they will now consider how the baby will suffer in each incorrect position before putting the baby to sleep. There is now a greater fear of placing a baby in any position or leaving a baby in an unsafe sleeping environment."

Amber Ramsey, Community Health Worker, Parkview Health

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