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baby skin tones_edited_edited_edited.jpg
baby skin tones_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Safe Sleep Simulation is an education toolkit that includes both a 3D infant model and a mobile application.

The 3D infant model comes in a variety of skin tones. This allows you to choose the model that you think will best connect with the caregiver and provide the most impactful education experience.


The Safe Sleep Simulation is intended to be used as an adjunct to the current safe sleep education that you provide. The goal of incorporating this toolkit is to utilize visual representations and experiential learning to enhance knowledge retention, understanding of why current safe sleep recommendations exist, and increase adherence to safe sleep practices.


Each Safe Sleep Simulation Kit Includes

Infant Model

Removable Airway 

Mobile Application Access for 5 users

Safe Sleep Simulation Storage Tote

Instructions For Kit Use and Care

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Infant Model
Baby 5 (2)_edited.jpg
Mobile App

The 3D infant model allows educators to address the common misconception surrounding infant choking on vomit or spit up in the back to sleep position. The model provides a visual representation of what can happen when an infant spits up while on their back versus what can happen when an infant spits up or vomits while on their belly.


We encourage you to incorporate this model in a way that most resonates with your patients or clients, but if you need ideas regarding incorporation, the recommended scripting included in your kit is a helpful resource.

Turn your device into a mock monitor without the need for specialized simulation equipment. The Safe Sleep Simulation app allows you to demonstrate potential oxygen saturations in a variety of unsafe sleep positions.


Engage caregivers with auditory and visual cues to increase adherence to safe sleep recommendations. The Safe Sleep Simulation app can be used on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. 

Seeking Funding?

Government and state funding could serve as potential avenues to secure a grant for your Safe Sleep education initiative purchase.

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